What is Veganuary? Tips on How To Go Vegan

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

First, there was Dry January a month-long break from alcohol after the excesses of the holidays. Now, here comes “Veganuary,” a campaign to get people to try a plant-based diet in the new year. The goal is to go vegan “for January and beyond,” according to the British non-profit organization behind the effort and this Veganuary is on course for its best year ever!

So if you're thinking about trying Veganuary here are some tips to help you out.

1. Plan your meals

You need to THINK about your meals! Start to write up vegan meal plans for the days ahead. Watch recipes online, read a vegan recipe book or look on instagram. There are so many good ideas to get inspired.

2. VEGANISE your favorite dishes

Every recipe you like can be made with vegan substitutes. For each meat sausage there is a Vegan one. For each cheese there is still a vegan substitute ... you get the idea! But seriously though many vegan replicas are so tasty. Sure you can't expect them to be exactly the same but be flexible and willing to try new flavors and textures!

3. Look out for accidentally vegan food

There are so many everyday foods that just happened to be vegan and you didn't know! Such as pasta, bread, tea, coffee, marmalade, peanut butter, biscuits. They are already vegan so you many not need to change more than you think!

4. Do some basic vegan shopping

Go to the grocery store and start buying vegan staples such as; beans, chickpeas, lentils, plant milk, soya chunks, tofu, tempeh. Do not forget about seeds and nuts as well as healthy protein bars, they are lovely as snacks! :)

5. Read the labels

It may be boring at the beginning but then you will know what foods are vegan! Watch out for ingredients like: honey, egg, milk, milk powder, butter, gelatin and beeswax. Don't worry if you mess up! WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES.

6. Download HappyCow and Delivery apps

HappyCow is a phone app that helps you find he nearest vegan restaurant, cafe or shop wherever you are in the world! Delivery food apps are also helpful such as Ubereats, Grubhub, Doordash and Postmates as you can order by category and select just vegan options to order from and well... Good Kind is also available in Los Angeles across all delivery platforms yay!

7. Be kind to yourself

Dont beat yourself up, no ones perfect. Whether you ate something non-vegan accidentally or simply gave in to temptation, its OK. It doesn't mean you are no longer vegan; it just means you are human! Chalk it up to experience and move forward!

8. Eat the Good Kind Nicecream

Ok not really a tip but a recommendation you will love! Our nicecream is plant based, no sugar added and is packed with protein! Its much more than a frozen dessert its practically a spoonable smoothie made with real organic ingredients you will feel good about eating.

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Try vegan this January and head over to to sign up!

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