Skip the Fads: Why You Should Eat a Real-Food Diet

“When you understand food as fuel and develop a positive relationship with food, eating well doesn’t have to be complicated because you will want to fuel your body the way it deserves to be fuelled the majority of the time.”

One question we hear a lot!….”Is this healthy, is this healthy?”.

At the end of the day is it real food? Or is it processed? Is it how its' suppose to be? Minimally processed, as nature made it without the added sugar, salt or fats added? Real food contains the nutrients we need to fuel ourselves.

Packed with fiber to keep us feeling fuller for longer along with the necessary vitamins and minerals our bodies require.

When we eat processed foods it can lead us to eating more than the recommended amounts of sugar, salt and fats. This also leads to an increase in calorie intake which if we do this day in and day out we can start developing health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Here are a few Reasons why you should Just Eat Real Food:

You will be Healthier, Feel Better, Sleep Better & Have Clearer Skin

We know from personal experience that removing processed food from your diet works. This is because you replace processed food with natural food sources that are nutrient dense and nourish your body.

Processed foods do not fuel our bodies correctly and have negative side effects.

To help us remove processed foods from our diets we like the 30 day reset plan, this plan eliminates all processed foods, refined sugar and some specific types of food.

Note: This is not a necessary step to removing processed foods from your diet, you can do that starting now. However the 30 day reset plan really helps to get rid of any sugar cravings and break the emotional connection we had to certain types of food.

Doing a 30 day reset means you can take your body back to a clean slate before reintroducing certain foods – the idea is that any ultra-processed food are not reintroduced – to see how your body feels during and after.

Simple & Easy

Eating this way is much simpler. If you follow the simple rules of just eating natural and minimally processed foods and avoiding ultra-processed foods then you no longer have to count calories (flawed advice anyway) and you don’t have to worry about deciphering packaging labels.

Packaging labels are hugely confusing, not to mention often deceiving.

Suitable for Everyone & Affordable

Eating this way is suitable for everyone because you can cook to your own taste, you can make sure you are catering to your cultural or ethical dietary beliefs or any allergies or intolerances.

You can build a healthy relationship with food, choosing what foods you love and make you feel good whilst getting to know your body, knowing when you are actually full or hungry (processed foods often leave you feeling unsatisfied and craving more) and eating to your needs.

No more studying the backs of food packaging labels for ingredient lists, checking whether it contain nuts, gluten, wheat, dairy. You will know from the outset that all it includes is real, whole and natural foods that are good for you.


Eating this way is easy to implement and is also sustainable. You can start eating this way today, and continue eating this way for good because the only things you avoid are ultra-processed foods that aren’t good for you.

You can have big, tasty and delicious breakfasts, you can have healthy, sustaining lunches. You can have a big plate of nutrient dense food for dinner and a delicious Good Kind pint for dessert ;o) Think cooked breakfasts, omelettes, porridge, stews, roasts, salads, soups, stir fry, and more. You name it, if it’s made with natural ingredients you can eat it and if its organic even better!

Much more appealing and easy to stick to than some fad diet that will give you little pleasure and reward.

Plus fad dieting doesn’t work – we know from experience. When we were young we did all sorts of ‘diets’, the cabbage soup diet, juice diets, the bran flakes diet, eating only before or after certain times, fasting etc.

None of this worked because they are short term solutions to a long term problem. It’s a yo-yo effect that not only affects your health and wellbeing but is unsustainable because you are restricting foods that you will inevitably binge on when your willpower runs out.

You’ll no longer be giving money to ‘Fake Food’ companies – many of which are unethical, unsustainable and use false advertising

‘Fake Food’ companies are those that produce processed foods, and promote them as being ‘healthy’ and/or part of a balanced diet.

Most people know that processed foods are bad for our health.

But why then do people still eat them? The answers are simple – firstly convenience and then clever marketing and advertising campaigns.

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