Best of the Best - Catch us in Veg Out LA this month!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

We are thrilled to have been listed as one the hottest plant-based products for the month of November! We featured among other emerging and existing brands from across the country launching innovative products every day, basically best of the best—everything from mushroom coffee, sprouted nuts, and umami-infused oils to vegan pancakes, frozen wraps, and more.

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Good Kind Superfood Nice Cream is a 100% plant-based frozen dessert made without dairy, added sugars, fillers, gums, or any other hidden processed ingredients. Flavors include strawberry, peanut butter, vanilla, mint chip, and chocolate—each containing simple ingredients such as bananas, dates, coconut milk, and pea protein. Pro tip: For a creamier texture, leave your pint out to thaw for fifteen minutes before diving in. Good Kind is available to order online in packs of three or five pints. Customize your box and enjoy nationwide shipping!

Try our Superfood Nicecream today and get 15% off your first order, simply use code FIRST15 at checkout.

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